Feb 05

Tiny House Construction – Putney, VT



Strolling of the Heifers – Slow Living Summit 2016

Apr 24

Tiny house, big problem: Woman’s home too small for Pennsylvania laws

A West View, Pa., woman wants to bring the “tiny house movement” to Pittsburgh. One big problem: Most municipalities don’t allow homes as small as hers.






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Mar 30

Squatter’s Tiny House in the Woods

An interesting read….




Jamaica Cottage Shops Tour

Jan 15

Some exciting news!

Tiny houses are getting a big break from the city of Fresno. Now, other communities across the country are interested.

The pint-sized houses on wheels – complete with kitchen, living room and loft – are now considered backyard cottages thanks to changes in the city’s zoning and development code.

Now if only I could get Brattleboro to do the same…



Outside the gate of Jamaica Cottage Shops

Dec 25

Why the Tiny House Movement hasn’t become a Big Thing


Read the article here:


Top 5 Biggest Barriers To The Tiny House Movement

Dec 23

Tiny home subdivisions a reality ?


The problem with the tiny house movement has always been- where do you put them? Because for most people, living is more than just a roof over your head, however small, but it’s important to be part of a community.




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